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An Update on all.

Alright so it's been a few months since I've been able to get on and really make much work on my stories and for that I am sorry to my readers, I am going through a few personal things such as getting ready to go through a divorce and I have also just recently given birth to my second son. So I hope you all will forgive me and hold out with me for a bit longer as I try to get back into the swing of things, and get back to writing. My time however will be limited as I have much I need to do during the waking hours and not much time before I must go to sleep. However I have a few new stories in the works, I'll update Eden soon and hopefully get out the first re-written part of my 'Gentle' series.

Keep checking back for more updates and please leave behind comments or suggestions, they are all welcome. :)

Concerning the 'Gentle' Series.

Ok so as many of you know I have completely taken down my 'Gentle' series on Lunaescence, but don't worry it's not for good. What I'm doing is simply rewriting the series and posting them all together in a booklet to make it much easier to find and read all the installments in the correct order.

Not only that but after re-reading through my installments I became unsatisfied because I felt that there was a lot left unexplained and the relationship between the reader and Lelouch didn't really get much lime light before all the drama began.

So, everything is getting an upgrade. Not only that but I will be changing things around, for example the reader's age just by a year or so to make her a first year in college. Lelouch will still be much older than the reader, where he was 25 when she was 17 he'll be 26-27 while the reader will be aged to 18-19.

Instead of giving the reader a few cuddly moments with Lelouch for a chapter or two i'll further explore their relationship up until the obvious betrayal of Lelouch. Everything is pretty much going to be the same, but with notable differences that I'm sure you all will enjoy. Like perhaps the nice little Lime I plan on including into my stories, perhaps maybe a Lemon if I'm up for writing it.

Keep checking back for more info on this series because I'll be posting all updates about it here for everyone to read.



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